Monday, September 21, 2009

What happened to lazy days?

Wasn't it just a few days ago I posted about lazy days? Well gone are those days...I am working every day this week subbing, which LOVE being back in the classroom, but it makes for a long busy day with volleyball and Bible study, especially on away games when we don't get home until 10pm! I am so grateful with how the Lord provides in our time of need.

This past weekend I watched a friends kids while they were at the duck game, and here are a few fun pictures from the trampoline! I love that family, it's always so fun getting to spend some good time with them, I've watched their kids since they all came home from the hospital! You know how you just have some of your special families? This is one of mine.
So calm and peaceful? NOT!!!

In other, very important news, Noah recently got spoiled by Grammy with the deluxe Tidmouth sheds roundhouse...for you Thomas fanatics out there you know how big of a deal this is! He pretty much lost his mind and plays with it non-stop. He had to do his responsibilities six days to earn it, and he did! He set up a pretty cool track with Auntie Cole and me.

I have been getting that feeling the past few weeks that I'm ready for another baby...shocking, I know. I am, and have been so passionate about not having any more children...way too much work! I love them, but there's something about getting fat, nursing for a year/never having a night off, and constantly being needed that just doesn't sound appealing again for selfish little me. However, I have always had a heart-felt calling that I need to do foster care and adopt from there. So, we began the process last week and could have a little girl as soon as Christmas, but it will probably be a little longer realistically. So save your cute, little girl clothes for me! As soon as Andrew gets a job and I'm just home with the boys, that can be my ministry. Please pray for this opportunity. Not sure if you remember how my new years resolution was to do something big for the Lord? I feel like this could be it, along with my Bible study, which doubled in size this week...we went from 1 to 2! Hopefully we'll continue this trend:) Hope your week ends up great!


Serena Coles said...

Ummm...this little girl?? Is this adoption or foster care work??

Nadia said...

we want to do foster care and adopt from you had better be saving your adorable clothes!

Isaac said...

Man alive... i better not show coop that new thomas toy! He already bugs me about going to your house and playing with the trains:)
AWESOME about foster excited and i still have those cute dresses you let mak wear:)
Hope your week is going well!!

nate and anne said...

I am so excited you and Andrew are going to be adopting!!!! You are both such amazing parents, she will be a lucky little girl. You guys are incredible. Love all the pictures, you're such a good blogger...i can hardly keep up with facebook, but i'm trying to get better :) Sounds like you have had a busy week subbing every day! Wanna work out Tuesday morning if you dont work?

Nadia said...

Jess...I'm glad you have those dresses...I was thinking the other day I should head over to Janie and Jack and see if I can fine any more on sale...although I might be too late with the seasons changing already:)
Anne, I would LOVE to workout on Tuesday if I don't have a job, oh wait, I do, but it's a 1/2 day. I think it's in the morning? maybe the afternoon, I have no idea right now...