Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lifegroup Camping

We returned tonight from an awesome weekend of camping with our church Lifegroup. We went over to Pacific City at the beach and stayed at an awesome campground that was great for kids! We spent our time eating some great food, having some great fellowship, sitting around the fire, shopping, playing on the beach, swimming, and of course at the cheese factory! Oh, and who could forget a few rousing late night games of Mafia around the fire and beer margaritas?

Love those buns...all his jeans have gotten too short, funny how that happens. So we got new ones out but they were a little big still.
Jakey looks so cute here!

Two of the four couples hanging out at the beach

Jakey wasn't allowed out of the stroller this trip to the beach:)

Andrew throwing the football trying to wear the dogs out.

My messy boy actually sittingdown for about 10 seconds...that boy does not sit still!

Our pretty!

What Jakey does best: run, get dirty, smile, and make lots of noise.


Nadia said...

I forgot to mention that this trip was much more successful then last month!

Hannah said...

thats awesome! i forgot you were doin that.

Dad said...

Yeah, camping success! Way to go Borias!

Libby said...

Looks like a blast! Glad it was a successful trip!

Diane said...

what fun you all had. :)
Great pictures, your boys are so cute!