Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lazy Days...

This past week we've had a lot of lazy, family days, doing nothing much at all. Andrew and I have both been home with the boys until the afternoon/evenings, so we've been spending our days organizing and deep cleaning with all our Mrs. Meyer's cleaning supplies that Andrew is now hooked on after we got a starter set from Heather, going to different parks, lots of walks, trying to teach the boys some games, cooking, being lazy, playing, reading and working out. I've been really into reading some books that finally came in at the library...Love and Logic for early childhood, Multiple Blessings, plus I got the Julia Child cookbook with my mom that has so much to read, and Heather gave me a parenting book too! I'm so interested in all of them so I'm reading them all at once...which means I'm not making very much progress with any:)

Here are some pictures from today when we went to the splash pad after the gym in Happy Valley...even though it was only 75!

This is the way my boys play...they are always tackling and in eachothers way!
My boy who would not smile for a picture with me...there was a rock he was trying to get. Very important.

Running with excitement all over when we first got there:)
Playing with dad! Who will never be in any pictures...he's pretty cute, I don't know why! Done for the day...sleeping in his "hot tub"...gross.
At a park earlier this week. As you can tell Jacob is really excited about doing the slide together...this was just moments before he flailed himself off the slide and got a bloody lip. Yeah. That's Jakey.


Anonymous said...

hahahha these pictures are hilarious.

Nancy Hopkins said...

Play hard ... crash hard! What a great day... and the ending is classic!!! FUNNY