Friday, May 29, 2009

Jacob seems to have lost all sense of balance the past two days... which has resolved in this face...still cute, but it looks like he got in a big fight. Andrew keeps saying, "You should see the other guy!" haha.

We've been spending a lot of time outside these past few days, loving all the nice weather! The boys run, and run, and run, and love pushing their "cars" on walks around the block. Jacob runs over to the door and screams until he gets to go outside:)
Pushing the cars around the back, he loves to play chase.
The boys crash and throw their cars all around. I let them get a little into it because where else are they allowed to be so ruff? Noah especially needs a little time to be destructive I think, haha.

We were over at some friend's house yesterday playing in the sprinklers and just relaxing for a play group, and Jacob kept wanting to go up and down a step that led into the house. I kept helping (saving) him, and finally had had enough, he had to learn. So...being the good mom that I am, I let him fall to see what would happen. Well, that resulted in the first of the marks on his face. Just a little scratch on his forhead...nothing too bad, but guess what? He didn't try and do it again! The rest came from various falls while just walking little clutz! Atleast he always has a smile on his face!
Here's the damage that's been done...not all at once, but each on a different face plant, I think there has been six in all.

We went to McDonalds (yes, I willfully went) to get a milk shake together. We all ended up sharing one and the boys loved it! Jacob wouldn't let it go.
I have to rescue Jacob about 100 times a day from almost dying...he has no fear!

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