Friday, May 8, 2009

A Weekend Out

We are just a few hours away from taking off for a family weekend in Corvallis! I have to run my 6 miles first... My club team I coach has our last tourney down there for just a few hours each day, so the whole family is coming for a nice weekend out! We travel a lot, it's something we love to do, but we don't travel many places with just our family, so I'm excited to have this time together, especially for Mother's Day weekend! I went shopping yesterday and got lots of goodies...stuff I normally don't get, but wanted it to be special. I even got buttermilk bread (what? Not whole wheat or spelt? My boys have never had white bread before! haha) and everyone's favorite candy bar...not for Jacob though:( I went a little crazy, but hopefully it will be fun! I also did get lots of fruits and veggies that Andrew cut up and has in a bunch of little bags for us throughout the weekend, so there will be a little nutrition too. 

We are planning to swim like crazy since our boys love the water, play mini-golf, walk on the river, eat out once or twice, and just spend time together as a family! I also went to the library and got books for everyone, so that was fun too. I picked out the Dave Pelz's putting Bible, so that will be some heavy reading for Andrew:) Hope you all have a great Mother's Day celebrating people who really deserve to be celebrated! 

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