Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh, Summer Fun

Summer is finally here, and so are the BBQ's! We invited everyone over to our house...but one of the gals was so nice as to offer to have it at her house, with a yard and a little more space, thanks!

I love Jacob's smile, he is getting crazy though! He is on the table in a second if you don't watch him, he's in the bark dust, drinking people's beers (or whatever drink he can find low enough), up the stairs, then trying to come back down, man, he's exhausting!

The four of us from the club who are doing the 1/2 marathon together!
Look at Noah's concentration here, he cracks me up.
Andrew, who really wanted his picture taken, can you tell?
Another cute one of Jacob.

We are so excited for this season of our lives together as a family as we enjoy each other and this nice weather, and our friends!


Hannah said...

i love these pictures! and who are your friends? do i get to hang out with you guys? i hope you aren't ditching me. (like you did for the half mar)

Nadia said...

Friends from church and the gym...yes, you can hang out with us too:) Can't wait to have you back!