Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's Up?

I don't know why I have been such a bad, boring blogger lately...sorry! I think part of it is I have been by myself with the boys a lot, and adding the camera into the mix can be a little much, like at the zoo and garden...but I'll try and get some cute ones soon. We are already in pj's playing trains after an afternoon/evening out at our garden. I'm almost done planting, only because I have a little gal helping me with the boys while I work, and it's a life saver! The boys help on and off, but they mostly run around and play golf in the grassy area around our community garden. She's a very responsible girl from my volleyball team, and I think she has fun with us too. What a help that will be in the summer with the pool and having both boys myself while Andrew is at work. Just an extra set of hands...oh, what a blessing.

I have really enjoyed being together as a family outside and often think of something a lady I used to nanny for would say, "Sick kids don't get dirty." One time I came home with her kids a mess from the creek catching crawdads all day, and she started tearing up saying how much it meant to her that her kids were able to play and get dirty like that. It really impacted me, because most people get stressed out by those messes. It reminds me to be happy my kids are healthy when I have to do a few extra rinses in the bath because the water is so dirty! (Sorry, mom!)

In other news, we move in 11 days! We can't wait, though this year has been a blessing in so many ways. Well, there you have it, a random, boring post...I'll work on it:)


Heather said...

Where are you moving!???

Nadia said...

yes! Right across the street from new seasons and our gym! Yay! It's right by where Dan works sometimes...