Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time Out

Jacob had his first time outs today, at 13 months...he's really starting to know what's right and wrong, and when I could tell today he was testing me, in to time out he went. I was very surprised to see him actually stay in his time outs (don't worry, they were only about 30 seconds). His personality is starting to change from being that sweet, easy-going boy, to being a little feisty and strong-willed...what have we gotten into? haha...it's only just begun. Although I did order some parenting books today just to brush up a little:)

In other news, Noah has gone three days in a row of pooping on the toilet, which some of you know has been a little challenge. Noah stores up his poops until night time when he has a diaper on, but a few nights ago I had had enough! So, I said he couldn't have a diaper, bribed with some Thomas trains, and a few frustrating hours of going back and forth to the toilet, we succeeded. So, three Thomas trains later, I think he's got it down...and now he's pooping for M&M's...after spending $60 on trains...I had to go for something cheaper:) He's still only two, but he knows and was more then ready when he asked me for a diaper on so he could go poop;)

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Libby said...

Tell Noah to keep up the good work!