Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, it's been a little over a week, and I think we can officially say that Noah is potty-trained! He has done such a great job of telling us when he has to go. Though we've had three or four accidents, at one point we had a four day streak accident free and he even told his teacher at church that he had to go, quite a breakthrough if you ask me! He is still wearing a diaper at nap time and night time, though he's stayed dry through all his naps (minus a few poops we think he's saving up for then;) Good job Noah! We are very proud of you! I know the picture's a little much, but look how proud he is! He kept saying, "I go big poo poo!" I got the picture idea from Jon and Kate plus 8...too funny. He's gonna love it later on.

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Katrina Roth & Julia Stavig said...

That's great! Maybe Noah could come over and talk to Harper about this. She has NO interest in such trivial things as a toilet-