Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have been struggling lately...I want a friend. Not just a friend, friend, we have "friends," but I want a family that we really can be close friends with! Here's my wish list...someone very close by (within walking distance), a family who loves the Lord, a family with children the same ages as mine, someone who goes to our church, someone who likes to be active and do fun things, someone who Andrew clicks with too, someone I can call at any time of day (and as many times as I need to) about anything and just basically all-around fun people to do life with! Oh, but not a really "needy" friend, if that makes sense.

We have met some cool people in our church lifegroup, but no one else has kids, so that's hard. So there it is...if you would like to fill this position, or know of anyone who can, please let me know.


Hannah said...

You need to change your background. I cant read it because the little design doesnt load on my very slow internet.

And if I had kids, I would be your friend. Except that I like my friends to be able to hug me and not be grossed out. So you should work on that.

Katrina Roth & Julia Stavig said...

Nadia, I don't think I can offer you everything on your list, but the Ladies and I would love it if you and the boys would come up to play sometime. Or we could walk?

:-) Julia

Mackenzie Schack said...

All right, so I know the perfect person! She might not fit all of the criteria on the list. But she may live close, she loves the Lord, she doesn’t have kids but she loves kids! She goes to church! She used to play tennis with you all the time and loves being active! She clicks usually, but sometimes clashes with Andrew! And I will be free! I am excited to live close someday soon! ☺ To reconnect with my good ole’ suitemate!