Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad is 54! And a very young 54, in fact, his Wii Fit age is 46, something he's very proud of. And he's in such good shape! He keeps losing weight and being very consistant with his eating and excercising. We even went for a run the other day and I noticed a huge difference in his running ability! Way to go dad, keep it up! We are so thankful for all of his wisdom, love, and just being a great friend and support as we go through life. It seems like he always has some sort of Godly wisdom right when we need it and we have really appreciated that. We also have such a great example in how he lives his life with integrity and how he treats others. Thanks for being you, Dad!
In other news, we had to say good-bye to Hannah this morning, and we already miss her! We had fun playing Settlers yesterday, just the three sisters. It will be a long 7 more months, but will be so fun to have you back again Hannah! Have fun and enjoy every moment of your grand adventures...and try not to miss me too much, ok?
Believe it or not, those faces are not staged, it was something Nicole said...can't remember now, but so funny then! Oh, and speaking of Nicole, she's lost 15 pounds this month! I started making meals for her and freezing a bunch of stuff, and she's been working out twice a day! Way to go Nicole, we are so proud and excited for what's to come, 2009 is going to be a huge (or shall I say small) year for you!

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