Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm not sure what's gotten into me lately. I guess I can't say that, because that would imply that there was a time when things were different, but things seem to be especially bad lately with that growing mountain of laundry in our room. I'm actually pretty good about doing the laundry, something I don't mind at all! It's just the folding and the putting away that are killing me. I just got done putting 5, yes 5 loads of laundry away. It really doesn't take that long...especially if I would just do it when I pull it out of the dryer (which would save the re-dry to get all the wrinkles out:). Can anyone relate or is it just me?

I guess the only good thing is that we wear more of a variety of our clothes because we must rely on what's clean. This is actually helpful at times, because I definitely have my favorites for the boys, but they have SO many nice clothes! We have been so blessed to never really have to buy anything for them because they get the nicest hand-me-downs from an amazing family! They have a boy who is a year older then Noah, and a mom with AMAZING/expensive taste...which works for me! Those of you who know me know one of my flaws is labels on, nordstrom...don't they deserve the best? Now, if I was the one buying their clothes, they would living in Target clothes, but hey, don't judge my boys designer jeans, because I don't buy them! It does make me mad sometimes though when they have more designer labels then I do...

Oh, and here is a link to homemade laundry soap Heather gave me, it works out to about a penny a load...I may just have to try it sometime.

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Katrina Roth & Julia Stavig said...

Nadia- I hear you loud and clear on the laundry! I have no idea where it comes from. There are mountains of it- I keep it contained but it drives me batty.