Sunday, January 11, 2009


Here is a random post since it's been a while. Here are my two boys in their matching sweat shirts that my grandma Jean made for them for Christmas. So cute, thanks Grandma Jean! You gotta love those iron ons and hand made gifts! How cute is Jacob's little hand on his brother? He really is in love with Noah. Noah is in the bad habit of taking his stool and climbing into Jacob's crib, which Jacob LOVES!!! Us, not so much. Can you say spanking?

Noah has been in music class for a few months and seems to really like it. Though he and all the other kids (except for Felix who Noah knocked in the head) never seem to actually sing in class, Noah sings the songs all the time on his own! When they get to play different instruments, Noah without fail chooses the sticks. Which we have at home. Yeah.
This is Noah and his friend Cade, who we are having over again tomorrow because they just had too much fun. Noah is actually playing with his friends and having full on conversations. So cute. They are so funny to see playing together. Noah has gotten to an age I am really enjoying. Oh, and he can play games now which is fun too.

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Mom Racky said...

I'm glad I was able to take you to music class again, Noah! You can sing so many songs! Love, Nana