Saturday, January 17, 2009

Catch Up

It has been a busy week of working for both of us, Andrew starting back to school for the last time (yay!), and buying way too much furniture (thank you Costco). It's crazy how fast life goes. I feel a little out of control right now, but my goal for today is to get organized. We have been going from one thing to the next and our house is showing it. My parents are out of town this weekend and Andrew is working. Jacob is sleeping and Noah is infatuated with a new train I just bought him that is battery operated, so it's time I go be productive. We had some friends over last night and I still haven't cleaned anything up...sorry Mom!

Jared stopped by before he left town for school in Minnesota. I'm so glad he got to see the boys since it's been an while, and I'm sure will be a while again! Good luck Jared!

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Amy said...

Hey Nadia! Jessica gave me your blog address and I just had to say hi! Your boys are darling and growing up so fast!