Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We had a fun evening with lots of little ones enjoying the experience! We went over to our friend's house with some other families from the club and had dinner and went trick-or-treating!

Noah was really into it this year, and actually got a little (ok, a lot) greedy grabbing handfuls when it was an option. Jakey got the hang of it and dragged his heavy bag up the steps and held out his hand and did his best "trick-or-treat," which was more like "hik-a-hea" but hey, cute nonetheless. I love my boys and love getting to do fun things like that with them!

All the little ones...aren't they all so cute!

My guys

Ladies Man...oh yeah:)

Mean faces

Getting ready to go!

Jakey and me out and about!

Look at all the good math skills we practiced...and ate:)

We were laughing about Halloween in general, and about how really we could buy the candy we actually like for ourselves instead of buying it for other people and then getting candy we don't really like...hmmm... something to think about:) But we love it, it's the experience, right?


Libby said...

So adorable. Look at all that loot! ;-)

nate and anne said...

darn the 3 musketeers, we want TWIX! :) Nadia you look beautiful in those pictures, even with black paint on your face! Your little guys are so cute in their costumes, how fun that you all dressed up together! Glad you had a good time.