Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today I decided to turn down 2 (yes, two) jobs to have a day with my family. I got to take just Noah to preschool and spend the time watching him in the observation room. He was funny to watch, and as a mother you catch and notice all those little things. There was nothing special that happened, so don't bother reading on if you are looking for something exciting:)

He started out the day playing at the hands-on table with rice, flowers, and other natural objects, not really interacting with anyone. Then I should have known that he would move on to paper airplanes (he's brought one home every day since the second day of school). So he and his teacher made a paper airplane, then ran up to the loft and began to throw his airplane off over, and over, and over again. A poor teacher must have retrieved that airplane atleast 100 times, I mean, it was a good 15 minutes. I wanted to go in there and say, "Noah, who's job is that? (a phrase he hears often around here when he wants other people to do his "work") And not only that, but how about a thanks you after she retrieves your airplane! haha, only a mother would criticize those kinds of things.

They had circle time and then went outside, again, nothing really too exciting. It was funny though hearing him talk to his teachers and classmates, I love that boy. I am so proud of all he's doing, and just how well he's thriving at preschool! It was special to get to spend the day watching him and seeing what he's doing at school!

Nothing really exciting to blog about, sorry, but I want to be able to remember this years from now:)

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i want to see him there so bad!