Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's "that" week...the one of parent/teacher conferences. Two days off of school (yay!) and a time to meet and collaborate with parents and teachers. I've been involved in conferences for years, from sitting home anxious to hear what my teachers would say about me, to "student-led-conferences in elementary school, to having my own conferences with teachers in college, to sitting in on conferences during student teaching, mock-conferences in training courses, to now finally going to my OWN child's conference. I do have to say, it wasn't nearly as exciting as I thought it would be, but special none the less.

This kid cracks me up, and he does the same with his teacher. It was fun talking and comparing things we see at both school and home, such as the "collections" that he carries around with him. At school it's consisted of markers, bears, bunnies, and crayons, and at home it's ranged from markers to trains, to cars, to sharks, to candy. He is a hoarder--or as Ms. Dorothy kindly put it, a sorter/categorizer. He gets on these different kicks where he has to have these "collections" with him at all times, and has a very hard time sharing them, because he knows when one is missing. He lines them up, sorts them, puts his trains in line by number, makes sure everything is facing the same way, then carries them all around with him. It's funny.

He had a dress up day at his school that these pictures are from, and some are from Andrew's birthday today.

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Hannah said...

i was CRACKING up to the last 2 pictures. tough face.