Friday, October 30, 2009


Birthdays are a big deal to Andrew, and he always ends up feeling a little know, when you build something up in your mind and it lets you down a little? Well not this year! I threw him a surprise party tonight with some of our friends and family, and boy was it fun! If I do say so myself, everything went great! The food was good, lots of good company, lots of good help...we all got to enjoy the least I did:)

Here's him walking in the door, his reaction was so funny, and not what I was expecting:)

Here are some pictures of the night:

The birthday boy, Ben and Karen, Lauren and Paul, Luke, Jared, and Kyle...more people arrived right after this and I forgot to take a picture, I'm sorry guys!

Nicole, my mom, and Serena

Colby, Hannah, and my Dad

And of course, two of the honored guests...Jakey and Noah! They had two little friends over too. Noah was the star of the show at the end of the night, he beat almost everyone in Wii bowling:)
We had another "Cindy Boria" meal...and of course it did not disappoint! Oh how I love her recipes:) We had mashed potatoes (yes Dad, here's your shout out, you did a great job mashing them for me:), broccoli casserole (here's your shout out, Hannah, you were such an awesome helper today, thanks!), Caesar salad, and pork tenderloins with a thyme/Dijon mustard crust and blue cheese cream sauce. Yes, yes, it was absolutely amazing, thanks Cindy! oh, and how could I forget the pumpkin pie with my Nanny's amazing whipped cream recipie...a perfect finish!

My handsome husband!

Hannah, my amazing helper today and the birthday boy!

We had a busy day of Andrew working, and several play-dates for the kids, but with the amazing help of my sisters and parents, it was actually stress-free and enjoyable! My mom handled all the clean up, and Nicole watched the boys while we were nice! I know what you're thinking, how can cooking for 21 people be stress-free, but it was! We got a lot done ahead of time, and a few minutes after Andrew walked in the door and some more people arrived, we ate a hot (yes, everything was hot at one time! lol) meal! He was very surprised and we feel so blessed to have such caring family and friends.

And of coure Andrew with the parents!

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