Sunday, October 25, 2009

Surprise Date

After working out with my volleyball girls down at cross-fit in the morning, and then going straight to babysitting all afternoon, I was pretty tired. I got a phone call on my way home asking when I was going to be home from Andrew...why? Because he had planned a surprise date for us! He got me a hair cut at the nicest place in Happy Valley. It was so relaxing because the lady stayed late so we were the only ones there, no salon drama and gossip, so nice! Then he had my sister come over to watch the boys and we went out to dinner and did some shopping at the mall! Nothing super-special, but just nice to know I'm thought of and to spend some time just the two of us! Thanks, Andrew;)

We came home to these two monkeys:
And this little man...although these pictures were taken when Andrew had the boys a few days ago, don't worry, my sister is a better babysitter then that!

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Dad said...

Gotta love romance.