Sunday, October 11, 2009


Oh Fall, how I love thee. Crisp, cool days, and all the activities that come along with fall. The start of every season is exciting, and by the time it's nearing the end, I am so ready to say good bye and excited for what's coming next. Isn't God smart with the way he planned and thought about those kind of details in our lives?

We spent the weekend watching a great friends kids, and had such a fun time together. We journeyed out to Canby to a dairy farm, and bounced on different inflatables, saw exotic animals (yes, there were probably 20 different animals including lions and tigers), rode the train, and of course got pumpkins. It's so fun now that both our boys are so into everything and really know what's going on.

The petting zoo never ceases to amaze these boys...I love both of their faces in these pictures.

This isn't even the best picture, but Jakey loved playing in these balls! He is very opinionated now in what he wants, and doesn't want to do. Where on earth would he get that from?

Love this boy...isn't it true that everyone's pumpkin shots turn out awesome? No matter what kind of camera you have, they are always some of my favs!

All of the gang!

He thinks he's the man...or the pig...

Andrew trying to "hide" from the picture...he refuses to be in any pictures right now...I just don't get it!

Me and Noah showing off his new necklaces he made at preschool. I never would have thought about doing those with Noah, but he LOVES them!
Yes, it's official, fall is here! There's something about uggs I love, and when they are on my boys...irresistible!

I've been working really hard for the past few months, and it all felt worth it when tonight I was able to pay for 9 nights in Hawaii with my love!

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Anonymous said...

whoa whoa whoa...uggs?

this made me SOO excited for apples on sunday. i hope you will be joining us!