Thursday, August 6, 2009

Picture Projects!

I am so excited to share my picture projects! I love pictures, they are so special to have to remember all the moments throughout life and our memories as a family! I scrapbook as a hobby and love having them to look at too, but I'm not very creative. So I have lots of help in that area from a very creative lady, Nancy! You can visit her blog here and see lots of creative ideas and contact her to order projects, papers, and supplies. She is very reasonable and so helpful and has been very generous to me.
I loved all the pictures people took in Seabrook this year, so wanted to use them some way. I do not have enough extra money around to justify getting so many large frames (I LOVE large pictures), so I decided to try something new and see how it looked. I like the way it turned out for the playroom, and it really does something for the empty wall. You can click on the pictures to see them big and see all the little pictures!


Heather said...

That's adorable! Have you seen some of the stuff they can make at Costco? Huge collages for $10 and I'm sure they have other stuff too. We need to get together when I'm here sometime! Also, Monday night we have C's piano lesson - are you around?

Nadia said...

yes, this week I am, are you guys back from sunriver? I'd love to get together Monday! Let me know!