Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yesterday we headed out with some friends for a hike up to Timberline. It was fun to see the boys really interacting as friends. Their kids are both within 3 days of ours, so that's fun...totally not planned by the way! The climb was steep starting out, but afterward we had a great picnic lunch and enjoyed spending time with some great friends! We are looking forward to our date night soon!
The boys standing on a rock together...they are getting so big!

The Dad's...we made them do all the hard work:)
Jessica, Cooper, Issac, and Mackenzie!

This was on the not-so-steep part of our hike.
The boys playing...dirt, mud, rocks, and water, what more could a boy ask for?
They were trying to give a high-five:)
Oh how I wish Jakey would sit so nice! It must be nice having a girl:)

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