Sunday, August 9, 2009

Play Time

We go to church on Saturday nights when I have to work in Jakey's classroom, so we had all day today just to play outside! We have lots of parks around us, but we chose one today about 3/4 of a mile away so that Noah could ride his strider bike and get a little exercise. We played base ball and soccer and had a good time together! Jakey is practicing his mean face in the first picture, he can only do a few faces: mean, happy, sad, excited, and wow.
It's so fun to see how Noah is able to physically do so much more in sports as he grows, and also to see how much he is starting to understand. You don't think much about having to teach how to play tag, or soccer, but you do! This is his strider bike which we are so pleased to have found out about from some friends. We met up with them at the park one day, where their son who is the same age as Noah is riding a two wheeler! We were so amazed, after all they had just turned three a month ago. They told us about this strider bike that doesn't have any pedals, so the kids learn how to balance right away. Noah started just walking around on it, but after a day, he stared running and trying to balance. The 3rd day, he was riding down the street the whole way just gliding and funny! So after a week, we tried his bike without training wheels and the first time he tried, he went the whole way down the street without falling! But his bike is too big for him to touch the ground, so when he needs to stop, he falls. So until he grows another two inches...he loves his strider, and we ride his bike every few days just to stay comfortable with it. Ok, I'm done bragging now, but it's so fun seeing everyone's amazement that a just-turned-three-year-old can ride a bike with no training wheels:)
I love having the time to spend days like this with my boys!

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