Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Camp Out

We had some wonderful, very generous people give us so many goodies tonight. They do home school, so had lots of great educational things, as well as just some cool, creative kid things...one mans junk is another's treasure! It's all in great condition, some things still in packaging! We love hand-me-downs, so thanks Cheri!

One of the cool things they gave us was a new Coleman tent and sleeping bags for the boys! Noah is all ready to sleep tonight in his tent and has asked several times to go to bed. Jacob on the other hand wasn't so fond of the tent beyond the running and tackling and is now safely in his crib, as you can tell from the below picture:)
I'm even thinking about breaking out microwave s'mores...we'll have to see if Noah gets so lucky. This is Andrew's kind of camping. ;) Although we are going up to Mt. Hood tomorrow for a hike with some friends...so that's kind of outdoorsy! Happy Camping!

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Nadia said...

Let's just say, that by 11 pm, Andrew and I had watched a whole movie, and he still wasn't asleep, that excited little kid. He played with the zipper all night...in fact, I can tell he's just waking up now...I hear the zipping starting again!