Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tulip Festival

I finally had a day off (teacher work day) where I got to spend time with my boys! I had been looking forward to today for a while, we went to the tulip festival with some of our friends from church and the club while Andrew played golf as a part of his "celebration of me!" haha.

We journeyed out to the tulip festival in Woodburn where we used to go all the time growing up. It's funny how all the things I didn't want to go do with my family are now things that I want to do with mine...hopefully it will be a while before they don't want to hang out with us:) The kids all had a great time playing at the different activities...though my kid's favorite was the ducky race where you pump water from an old fashioned pump and the water pushes your duck down a ramp...Jacob just liked to get wet.

Serena, Keeley, and Tyson
Jacob was in awe of the flowers, he did so good just pointing and not grabbing the flowers. I couldn't get a good picture of Noah.
It was so fun getting to spend some time together again with my boys and with some friends in God's beautiful creation!

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Libby said...

What beautiful weather you had! The boys appeared to be having a blast! I love tulips!