Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen!

We had a special Easter today with our family. The highlight was Noah telling the Easter Story with our Resurrection Eggs. He's been reading the story a lot with Nana and Papa, and today was so interested and excited to "re-inact" it for us all. We had a great church service that we attended last night...we really love our church...we feel like we are in such a good place and making such great friends and getting to connect with your community. A lot of our friends from church also work out at the gym, which is great too.

The boys had a great morning hunting for their Easter baskets from Grammy and Pops! They were perfect! What a great day to celebrate our Risen Lord!
Nana and Papa and the boys with Auntie Cole below!
My handsome husband!
The lamby cake...a family tradition! Only real men wear pink...and we have real men:)
Opening Easter baskets this morning.
The boys found their in the coat closet after following their "map"
Noah did Easter eggs Larry & Bob style:)


Libby said...

What a wonderful day! It's so great to see you all enjoying your family traditions!

Luke Coles said...

Easter is great. I wish we celebrated Easter more that Christmas. I'm glad we've been able to get our families connected. Now it's time to hang out.