Monday, April 6, 2009


What a difference a few sunny days makes on people's attitudes! It's great! I had an awesome day today, working a 1/2 day in the morning, then spending the afternoon with friends sitting on the patio, getting my first burn of the season:) All the kids were playing below us in a huge grassy yard running around. Noah and Jacob both stunk by the end of the day just from being outside and sweaty all day...I think it's a sign of what's to come. I took Noah's crocs off today and couldn't believe how stinky his feet were! I found Noah got into the preschool we wanted...yay! Then I went to the gym and got a good cross-fit workout in with a friend, came home and had dinner with the boys, then off to volleyball. Noah is obsessed with volleyball, and Jacob started his obsession tonight. He must have walked under the net a million times just grinning from ear to ear! Every day I am realizing just how much I love my boys and the stage that we are at...they are so fun to be around!

Tomorrow I am doing a strength class with a friend, going downtown to walk around with Andrew and the boys, coaching volleyball, dinner, yoga with another friend, then hanging out with Andrew! That's one nice thing about subbing is we can have a family day whenever we want! We are planning on soaking up the sun while we have it, sunburn and all:) I'm the only one in my family who burns...I'm missing the Puerto Rician blood...enjoy the nice weather!

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