Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We journeyed downtown today since every time we drive through it to get to the Zoo or Children's Museum, Noah gets so excited to see the bridges and the water. We brought Noah's scooter and he scooted while we walked the waterfront. It was so cool to see so many active people down there exercising and spending time with friends. We stopped at the fountain and let the boys play for a while, then headed back to the car. It was fun to take a day off of work (I actually said no to a job to spend a family day together...big deal for me as this is normally one of my work days). I got to work out twice (a strength class and yoga with friends), Andrew got to play golf for 6 hours, and the boys had a great day with our whole family! We all got to enjoy the sun, and will be sad to see it leave us for a while, but we are hiking this weekend in the gorge together which will be fun too! Hope you got to have a good day in this beautiful weather too!
Daddy helping Noah in the fountain.
Noah riding on the scooter with Mt. Hood in the background.
Jacob and I looking at the boats and birds in the water...he's obsessed!

We LOVE Portland and it was fun to be able to experience it with our boys!