Monday, April 6, 2009

Community Garden

This is a picture of our work day at our Community Garden this past weekend, isn't it pretty? We are excited to be a part of starting this process with our community this year. We worked Saturday to put up all the fence posts and are getting ready to finish up all the work that goes along with starting up a community garden! Andrew and I both ruined our shoes because we forgot to wear boots:) It was so fun to see all the different types of people, all ages, all churches, all races, all backgrounds, and all the good that is going to come from this project! There are refuges, a preschool, and a retirement home all taking part in this, as well as different families from the community and churches. We each get a 20'x10' plot, so it will be fun to get the boys involved and see what becomes of it!


Hannah said...

sweet. hopefully it willbe more sucessful than the newberg CG! ha!

Nadia said...

haha...I appreciate the encouragement...maybe if I didn't have such crappy neighbors it would have been more successful:)

Libby said...

Good luck with the garden! I have a hard enough time with my own let alone a community one! :-)