Friday, March 6, 2009

So Sweet!

First of all, I know a lot of you were praying for Andrew and his CLEP test, and he passed it last night! Yay Andrew, that's 3 college credits he's tested out of so far and is hoping for three more on the 17th...nice job Drew! Thanks for praying everyone.

Last night after our small group, Andrew wanted to go to Subway, and of course I whined and just wanted to go home, but ended up going to sit with him while he got a 6 inch. Well didn't I feel bad...when we got there he had all these presents in the white nike bags I love so much! I wasn't planning on really doing much for my birthday, just because I have a volleyball tournament on it, we're saving for some bigger things, etc. But Andrew was so sweet and totally surprised me with new nike clothes and shoes! (just what my Mom said I really needed;) And he also got me the sweetest talking card from the Office, one of our favorite shows besides Biggest Loser. Even though I LOVE all the new stuff, I really was touched by his thoughtfulness to want to surprise me even though we talked about not really doing much. We're also going to the Phil Wickham concert out at George Fox on Sunday, which will be fun! Thanks Andrew!


Libby said...

Give my congrats to Andrew on passing the test! That's fantastic.
What a sweetie he is to surprise you! :-) Happy Birthday--even though you'll be at a tournament, try to make the best of it!

Dad said...

Andrew, that is so awesome!

Also, happy Bday, Nadia. We love you guys!