Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Noah is still obsessed with fish, after beginning this obsession in Hawaii a full year ago! So we journeyed yesterday to the aquarium. Noah lost his mind most of the trip, but here are some fun pictures of the day. Here's our whole family in the shark's mouth...I love Noah's face! Jacob was clueless:) 

We made Andrew climb in to the old scuba head to take his picture, we got Jacob and Noah too, but their pictures are on the other camera. 
They are just as

Noah loved looking into all the different tanks, though his favorites were the Nemo and Dory ones...I wonder why? 

Here's another good picture of Andrew and Jacob right outside our condo. 

We're hoping to get some family pictures today, but it's raining right now so we'll have to see. I also have a bunch of video I've been meaning to upload, so watch for those...there are some funny ones...or atleast I think so! 

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