Saturday, March 7, 2009

Birthday Fun

Andrew surprised me today with our new Traeger Grill! We had friends over tonight to try it out and celebrate my birthday...23 years old:) It ended up being a little harder then my "handy-man" husband thought...good thing we invited over who we did, every time Karen and I went downstairs to check on the guys Andrew was "supervising" while the guys were putting our grill together. They've already promised to help us with our move...poor Andrew, he just didn't get that handy-man gene. haha.

After a few extra hours then we had planned, we finally could sit down for our birthday dinner, and boy was it AMAZING! We had chicken, veggies, olive bread & olive oil, pineapple, grapes and some good wine. Oh, and how could I forget the good! You gotta love New Seasons.
It was worth the wait.

We had Kyle join us tonight who recently returned from Kenya, and had some great conversations about what it really looks like to impact the world, I'm excited to see where that's going to go and just what that's going to look like. I still feel such a strong pull to some sort of either foster care or adoption, I just really feel for those kids. It will be great to hear all about Hannah's trip when she returns soon. She is doing great from what we hear, but we really haven't gotten any specifics so it will be neat to get to hear her reflections and see how God has used her. Since our dinner was so late we had already put Jacob to bed, but Noah enjoyed the yummy vegetables he said. We are so excited to keep experimenting...ribs are up next and mmm...I can't wait!

My wonderful husband who really made me feel special this year by doing extra little thoughtful things. Thanks! Now I'm off to a tournament all day...yay! Oh, and I'm so pumped about the time change! haha. Here's to growing older and the best family and friends to do that with. We are so thankful for people to really do life with...God has blessed us!

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