Monday, March 16, 2009

Best Dad

Sorry I have been such a slacker lately with posting, it's been almost a week! I had a huge volleyball week in starting up my junior league and am working full time in 6th grade for the week! It's so fun getting to do all the planning and everything, and my class is totally "buying in" to everything I'm doing with them and re-structuring the class. I LOVE IT! It's a class I've been with a lot too:) Anyway, back to blogging...

Lately, Noah has been saying that he has the best Dad. I'm not sure if Andrew's threatened him or what, but he really does. On Friday while I was working, Andrew and his friend, Colby took the boys up sledding at Mt. Hood. Here are some fun pictures from the day!

We had Colby over for dinner the next night and he came with huge pictures in frames blown up of the boys as well as a TON of pictures already printed off. I thought that was so nice of him and very generous. He's a good friend to Andrew, I'm glad they have each other.

Haha, doesn't this kiss look passionate! So cute:)

Colby is one of Andrew's crossfit workout buddies and they are doing an iron man together this summer in SunriverWhat a cute little wave sitting at the top of the hill:)


Hannah said...

these pictures are so funny! you sound a little jeal of the passionate kiss!

andrew is doing iron man! DANNNGGG!

Nadia said...

Truth be told, I am a little jealous:)

Yes, he is doing an iron too! jk...maybe in my, but I am doing a 1/2, but you are still gone.

Libby said...

The pics are fantastic! What a fun way for your boys to spend the day-- hangin' with dad! Too cute!

Amy said...

Looks like so much fun! Isn't it fun to see your boys looking up to their daddys? It totally melts my heart. :)