Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh what a week...

What a week it's been! Full of life, but oh how blessed we are in the midst of craziness! This week I got my teaching license from tspc, so I'll be subbing starting Wednesday! Just two days a week while Andrew is home with the boys. order to prepare (celebrate?) I just had to go shopping! I really don't spend much money at all...I'm so cheap! But when I do, I tend to go a little overboard. I went to the half yearly at Nordstrom and got some more Sevens...just what I needed:) Then too much stuff at Old Navy and Target...Old Navy didn't have that much, but Target had a lot of really cute stuff! I'm a sucker for a sale on name brands, so it was so hard to say no to deals! Yes Dad, I know that if it's still $100 after 50% off it can't quite be called a deal, but still. Then to top it all off today, we went to the Nike employee store because I had to use my gift card and pass that my volleyball team gave me! Again, I didn't buy anything for full price (which is already 1/2 off) but ended up paying 1/3 of the original prices on everything! I love it! So now I won't buy anything for another 6 months, at least that seems to be my trend;)

Another reason we went out to nike today was because Andrew was meeting with some people from nike golf to talk about jobs. Andrew worked at the world headquarters last summer and loved it, (and I loved getting into the employee store!) I really hope that's where Andrew ends up after he graduates. He's doing all the right things now to make that happen, I'm proud of you Andrew!

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Ally&Colby said...

Hi Nadia! It's ally & Colby. If you think about it, I'd love to babysit Jacob and Noah. (Well in two years that is:) See you again on Saturday! Bye!

:) :) :)