Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do you remember the post about the balloon-filled-room for Andrew's Birthday?

I have a real post I'm planning to get up here really soon, but just had to mention this really fast. I was talking on the phone with my dear friend, Jessica (who better be coming over for dinner and to play tomorrow;), when I heard a door shut upstairs. Noah and Jacob (I thought) were sleeping, but when I went up there, I opened up there now shut door, to find Jacob's crib full with Andrew's Birthday balloons. Yeah, nice, huh? I freaked out (which I don't do that often, but thoughts of balloons being such a big choking hazard came to mind, and the fact that Jacob had been fussing just minutes before and then suddenly stopped, which I thought was GREAT that he had gone to sleep), and took out all the balloons to make sure that Jacob was indeed alive and well. He was, and it was at that moment that I wished I would have taken a quick picture first. 

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Hannah said...

uhhh Noah WOULD do that, wouldn't he that little dork.

He just loves his brother!