Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Like Daddy

Cindy, I had to post this up just for you because you have told me this story many times in talking about Andrew as a baby, and now Jacob has taken to the same [obsession?]. Jacob loves stuffed animals...especially one we have that makes crinkly noises...you know the noise I'm talking about. It sounds like a plastic grocery bag is in it? But every stuffed animal that he gets in his little drooly hands, he of course puts it in his mouth (can you say 6 teeth?), but he slowly but surely finds his way to the little white tag that is on the butt of every little creature. He then spends his time playing and chewing on that little white tag, just like Andrew used to do! Jacob is really entering that age of discovery, where he is able to really explore the world around him. He has started to copy you saying, "Da-da," a skill that Noah seems to have re-learned, and is really working on his "Pincer grasp," (yes, I was paying attention in all my child development classes! Look at all my college dollars coming to use...) which really looks more like a crab claw slowly, yet deliberately working so hard for that one little cheerio!

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Hannah said...

hahaha i love it.

i really am missing seeing him grow up, huh?

it sucks.