Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It was so fun tonight when we got to have some of our friends over for dinner and to play! Jessica and her kids spent the evening with us, while both of our hubby's were working--her's in the police force and mine on homework. Jessica used to teach as well, and actually used to be my mentor in high school. I was good friends with her sister-in-law. Cooper and Noah are 3 days apart, and so are Mackenzie and Jacob...weird how that turned out! Mackenzie has some nice options with my two boys as far as a future mate, we'd love to be related to them!

Cooper and Noah did such a good job playing together, they were working on sharing, and had some full on conversations and even sat and read a book together all on their own! It's so fun now that they can talk to each other and really are starting to interact more. Noah's scooter is really theirs that they let him borrow, so Noah let Cooper take home his Thomas train to borrow:) It's fun to see him trying to process that.

Jacob and Mackenzie played really nicely together too, they are both learning to explore with their hands and it was so cute to see them reaching out for each other. It was also nice to get to swap stories with Jessica and have a real conversation with another adult who is going through the exact same thing as me! I feel a little more normal now after swapping stories, joys, and frustrations. We're thankful for good friends!

I had my second day of subbing today...and my first last minute call-in. I was still sleeping at 7:35 when I got "the call" and had to rush and get ready as fast as I could as normally I'm supposed to start at 7:30! I am loving subbing and really wish I could have my own classroom! I already have a job for Friday, so I'm sure I'll sleep much better tomorrow night not waiting for my phone to go off.

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