Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Summer it is, what's been going on with us lately. Things are busy as always, but we are starting to get into a good routine. We've had a great last couple of months with a trip to Hawaii, the beach, Kiawah Island, Colorado, and camping! Here are a few pics of those trips:

In Hawaii with all Nadia's Family celebrating three graduations of the three Souter daughters! The day after we returned home we welcomed the arrival of Jacob Thomas Boria! Everyone thought we were crazy for going, but I wouldn't trade that trip for anything! It was the perfect way to relax before having a baby and all the sleepless nights that come along with that blessing. I highly recommend it:)

Our next big trip was Kiawah Island, South Carolina, with all of Andrew's family.

We got to introduce Jacob to all of the Boria's, Kosmorsky's, and Rib's. We spent our days relaxing at the beach and pool and enjoyed amazing meals in the evenings. This was by far my favorite trip to Kiawah and I felt like I really got to enjoy being with my in-laws! Everyone enjoyed Noah and Jacob, and I can't even tell you how many times I heard, "They're better then TV!!!!" Thanks for a great trip!

Right from Kiawah, we flew to Estes Park, Colorado for a family reunion with the Souter side. What a beautiful place to get to enjoy God's creation. Everywhere you looked was the most beautiful sights! Our condo was literally just steps from the river, so Noah enjoyed throwing rocks into the river with all his cousins. He is into skateboarding (thank you Auntie Cole!), and one of the college-age cousins was too, so he and Noah buddied up and Noah learned some new tricks. I took Noah horseback riding--our horse's name was Bam Bam. Noah was so excited the whole time and didn't stop talking the entire ride! Andrew climbed a huge mountain with my dad and some of the guys, a big accomplishment for someone who had just been off of crutches for several weeks after reconstructive foot surgery!

We were blessed to have a camping shower, thrown by the Supper Club, when we were first married, but haven't used our stuff until this summer!
We broke in our new (and amazing) gear at Beverly Beach for Supper Club camping. Our tent was a mansion and we comfortably fit all our family, my parents, Nicole, Hannah and her friend! The highlight of the trip (besides the amazing Settler's of Catan games...who won Hannah?) was the camp Karaoke night where Noah stole the show.


shoelace said...

Hey guy's! I miss you so much, it looks like life is good for you four! Oh, and this can't go unspoken... in the big family pic where you are all standing in front of the huge tree's, Andrew's biceps look quite massive. Impressive:) Anyways, have fun. Talk to you soon.
-Austin (I am 'shoelace')

Luke said...

andrews arms are tiny