Friday, September 26, 2008


"It's Friday...where's Cole?" Noah has asked me a million times today! He loves his auntie Cole, and she comes over and spends the night on Fridays! She takes Noah to the skateboarding park where he shows off his tricks and board that she has given him, to the pet shop to see all the fishies, or just to the park to play. Now that Jacob responds so much more, she doesn't put him down! She loves talking to him and making him smile, and is always teaching him new tricks! The latest is standing up on the couch.

The pictures on here are from visiting Nicole playing paintball a few weeks ago when Grandma Jean was here, Jacob was in the stroller watching her. The other ones are from when Nicole and our Aunt Janet took all the little cousins in Colorado to play mini golf! She's always doing something cool with them!

I love fridays because it means I get a break! When Nicole's here, she takes such good care of the boys and always has them entertained in some way! The boys are so lucky to have such a good Auntie. Andrew works on Friday nights managing at the club, so tonight my mom and I are going scrapbooking at a ladies house where she has the most adorable page ideas and you can buy four page spreads already cut up for you. You just have to assemble them and you have the cutest pages! It will be the perfect kind of scrapbooking for me at this point...I'm a little behind. My mom as a gift to the boys has done their first year of scrapbooks, and they are such a nice memory to have, but I haven't been the best about keeping Noah's up. I don't even have a full book yet:) Oh well, I have time!

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Nadia said...

I had so much fun today making cute pages with my mom! And of course, when I got home, Jacob had a new trick to show me, Nicole had him rolling all the way across the room! She got in on video, so I will try and post that this weekend! Thanks Nicole!