Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Braces and Rice Cereal

Today Andrew is going to get braces on his pearly whites. Andrew has always said he wants braces, but I never thought he would actually get them because he has pretty nice teeth without ever having braces. (Lucky!) But, recently his mom got braces which put the bug back in him, and, since his parents paid for all his other brothers to get braces, now it's his turn! He's excited, but a little nervous. I'm a little nervous too! It's going to be weird to see him with braces...but of course he will still look so attractive:) A few side stories here that do relate, I promise.

So I coach freshman volleyball and run the junior program and summer camp here in Clackamas, as most of you probably know. Andrew and the boys will come sometimes to see me if I need to nurse, or just to say hi (noah loves watching the girls play). But, during the week of summer camp, Andrew would walk in and not all the campers knew he was my husband, and he didn't always have the boys with him. So...probably a dozen campers went and told their coaches how hot he was, and of course they all came and told me. One 8th grader who I was by said, "Dang...give me some of that!" yeah. nice. So after that, every time Andrew walked in the gym, all the coaches would laugh and look over at me while their girls would stop and stare:) Does it make me feel good that little girls think my husband is hot? oh yeah.

Last story that also relates...I promise. This morning Andrew was feeding Jacob rice cereal and Noah being the sweet big brother he is, was talking in his high-pitched voice saying, "It's so yummy, Jacob!" Andrew asked Noah if he wanted a bite, and Noah whispered, "'s so gross!" He's so smart.

So, will Andrew still be attractive after Braces? Yes
Will he be eating rice cereal? We'll have to see...

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