Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ode to Hannah

Sadly, the time is almost upon us where Hannah is leaving for Capernwray, England and then Austria for 9 months. Of course we will miss Hannah, but I thought this would be a good time to evaluate the pro's and con's of Hannah leaving and to pay tribute to the amazing sister and auntie that she is. You are welcome for all the pictures of you, Hannah, now no more complaining!

Good things that will come from Hannah being gone:
-Noah and Jacob will have their own more roommate!
-My makeup, perfume, and gas will last longer
-My clothes will be in my closet when I want to go and wear them
-The house and boys will be a lot quieter
-No more teenage arguments/attitude
-Cleaner house

Bad things that will come from Hannah being gone:
-No more free babysitting
-No more free fashion and style advice
-No more help with my hair
-No more help with volleyball
-The house and boys will be a lot quieter
-Things will be way less fun!
-Jacob won't have Hannah to sing to him all the time
-Noah won't remember how to be "crazy," have sneaky eyes, and all the other cool tricks Hannah has taught him
-No one to run 1/2 marathons with
-No one to talk to that really wants to listen
-No one to listen to when you don't want to talk
-No one to set such a Godly example for me

I'm sure there's more, so I'll keep the list going...even after you're gone! In all seriousness, it's been so fun getting to live with you again, I love the person who you have become, you are on such a great track in life! I can't help but think that I shaped you into the person you are! We love you and have a great time on a grand adventure!

Nadia aka PC (perfect child)

Nicole is such a great auntie too...but she's not leaving! I will still give her an ode sometime too, just because she's amazing! Especially with the boys, Noah asks every day if it's Friday because that's the day that Nicole comes over!

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Hannah said...

Thanks Nadia! It looks to me like the cons totally outweigh the pros of me being gone!!!

Love you.
-Hannah :)