Sunday, September 28, 2008


Andrew has the new's actually kind of a funny story. When Andrew gets his mind set on something, he is very could say he has a one track mind--but a very determined one track mind at that. So, his great mind decided it wanted the new iPhone. Poor Cindy, Andrew's Mom, she must have heard ten times a day for two months about how badly Andrew wanted this stupid (actually sweet) phone. I stopped listening after the first day when we looked at how much the plans were:) So, Cindy, being the much better person between us two, said that she would get Andrew the phone!

So now we're back to Andrew's one track mind. As soon as she said yes after months of begging (what a strong woman to have held out that long, Andrew's quite convincing), Andrew had to get one on their launch day of course. So, he said there was going to be long lines to get one and he didn't want them to run out, so he had to spend the night outside AT&T. I went to visit him around ten, since I'm such a nice wife. I called him before I drove down there to see how he was doing and he said good, and there were probably around fifty people. 5-0. 50. So, again, being the cool wife I am, decided to surprise him with Pizza. I got two large pizzas, since I figured he'd want to share with all of his new nerdy buddies.

I pulled up to the store, and saw the fence they had set up to help control the line, and Andrew. I looked again, making sure I saw correctly, and I did. Sitting in his reclining chair outside of at&t was Andrew with this weird (and I do mean weird) guy, who was first in line I might add. So there were two, as in 1...2. 2 people. Good thing I got so much pizza! Of course I had to laugh and laugh at Andrew for being such a nerd, but, guess what, he got an iPhone and they didn't sell out! Andrew said people started showing up around five am, but I'm not sure if I actually believe him this time, heehee.

Anyways, the whole point of me telling you this story is that I got on my new computer (that I let Andrew use for school and I use the old laptop) and it has the pictures from his iPhone that are so funny! Unfortunately they are mostly of Noah, he seems to do a little more picture-worthy stuff then Jacob at this point. But here they are, I just died when I saw some of these! Enjoy!

Noah's stitches after falling out of his high chair when his tray wasn't on all the way.

I love my mommy...doesn't that just say it all?

Potty training...need I say more?
Learning to eat solids! In his atv that Nicole got for him...he's actually a good driver, part of me thinks this was intentional, should I be scared for the future?
I love chicks! Grammy got him these pj's from gap, they are my favorite!
Showing off his new hair cut in his Kiawah shirt!
On one of Andrew's hikes in Colorado.
Noah at the airport in outfit #2 (that's a whole nother throw-up story)
Noah on the way to the airport in outfit #1 (in my favorite nike dry-fit shirt that got thrown away with all the throw-up)
Andrew's parents and youngest brother on Luke's new iPhone
Noah playing with chalk at Nana and Papa's

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