Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hiking and Bonding

Today I woke up early and spent the morning and early afternoon on a beautiful hike with our church hiking group. It was a great day for a hike up in the gorge, we went to two different falls, Elowa and Upper McCord Creek Falls, both beautiful. Even more then seeing the waterfalls, I just really enjoyed being out in nature again, I have felt very disconnected from nature lately, so it was great! I got to meet a nice group of ladies from our church and had some great conversations with all different types of people in very different places in their lives. In two weeks there is a harder hike, they alternate easier hikes and difficult hikes, every other weekend, so I'll be trying the difficult one next!

Along the outdoor theme, tomorrow we are renting a boat up at the lake and spending the afternoon after church fishing and boating with my parents, Nicole, and Andrew's brother, Jared! It will be great to see him, we haven't seen him since Jacob was born in the hospital! He won't believe how big Jacob is, and I can guarantee you he is going to make fun of Jacob's big head! We'll post pictures of that trip tomorrow.

That takes care of the hiking portion, now to the bonding. My freshman volleyball team went out for dinner tonight at Macaroni Grill, and of course it was amazing:) I love their bread! I never go out to eat, so that was a great treat. After dinner, we went to a college volleyball game where Beth, one of my coaches that works for me in the summer doing private lessons and camp (oh, and she's one of Hannah's best friends:), was playing. Beth played amazing and their team won! It was fun to see how many people came out to support her and to get to spend time with my group of amazing freshman! They are all such great kids, I feel really blessed to have such a great (and undefeated) team! (A girl on my team is giving me pics monday, so I'll edit this one and add them, everyone looked so cute in regular clothes!)

Oh, and just a side note, Hannah made it safely to England! We just got a quick e-mail from her, but she's there! You can check out her blog over on my links on the right side if you want her blog too! I just found this picture of Noah and thought it was so funny...and it goes along with the outdoor theme:) This one of Jacob totally does not as he is sitting in a plastic toy, but it's the coolest plastic toy around! Jacob (and I) LOVE the exersaucer!

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