Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here are a few pictures to keep up my poor little blog as I'm crazy busy this week...but I have to give you something to look at to keep you coming back;)
My parents just moved into their new house last week...this is from right after they got their furniture in...it's much more decorated now. It's so fun to be there and to know all the time they put into every detail. Lots of big open space like this to have lots of people together hanging out!
Jakey watching the duck game on their new projector. Just a little screen;)

Andrew and the boys sent me this picture when I was our of town one weekend...don't they look like they really miss me?

And just to see if you read this far...that's really not the tv at my parents house;) It's our friends, but just thought I'd see if you read the whole thing! Love you mom;)

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