Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cutting Down the Tree...

We went out to Redland today to cut down our tree as a family. It's always an adventure trying to get four people out the door and happy...especially when it's a full day. We did the gym in the morning, then out to lunch, then cutting down the tree. That means we have to have gym clothes, lunch clothes, and tree clothes. And shoes. But we did it, and although everyone wasn't smiling, once we got there, everyone was happy;) Tell me I'm not the only one who has mornings like this.

We found this farm from a flier up in New Seasons, and I'm so glad we went out there this year. It was the nicest couple who live on their tree farm out in the country. It's actually right by where we get our raw milk, so not too far! They had lots of beautiful trees to choose from, and any tree was $20, which is a fair price and much better then $5 a foot! They sold homemade jams and such, which were really tastey, and the farmer gave the boys rides on his 4 wheeler...they loved that!

Noah thinking he's a big man with the saw...
Watching Daddy...and helping!
Playing with Andrew's iphone 4 since our camera died after the first picture! Grrr....although I will say that it does take pretty good pictures in a pinch;)
We found our tree! Not too fat, not too tall...last year we had to cut off the top of the tree to get it in our house with the star on, and it took up so much space in our little place. So, short and skinny we went, and it's perfect. It's funny how trees always look so much smaller out in the field then they do when you bring them home!

Noah was really interested in helping again this year...Jakey was much more interested in the mud...I love that picture of him...especially for it being on the phone!
Me and my boys!

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