Friday, November 27, 2009

That's the Way Things Happen on the Polar Express!

We had SUCH an awesome night tonight riding on the Polar Express up to the North Pole! I know, I know, you are insanely jealous, but it was actually one of my favorite nights ever with the boys...minus Jakey being crazy and full of energy on a moving train. We went up to Hood River, thanks to my parents feeding on Noah's year long Polar Express obsession (yes, he really get's stuck on something).

We boarded the train (decked out in our pajamas) with Noah asking the conductor where we were going ("Why, to the North Pole, of course!") and taking our seats with the best music blaring from the moving (and I do mean blaring). Although the songs did play over and over again, it was so fun singing and dancing with the boys! It totally got everyone in the holiday spirit.

The conductor came around to punch tickets, and even punched letters into the tickets...I mean, how cool is that! Just like the movie:) (Noah got a PE for Polar Express, and Jakey got a SC...I'll let you guess that one, ahem, Santa Clause). As the hot chocolate began to be served, guess what song should take it's turn (or ten) over the loud speaker, but "Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Chocolate!" (If you are a fan of the movie you are envisioning dancing servers having a jolly old time doing insane dance, we did not have the insane dance moves, but we through in some of our own--we do have a talented bunch). Cookies were also in order.

And then it happened. We pulled up to the NORTH POLE!!! And of course were greeted by Santa and all his elves (which Noah asked Santa if he could take one home for his Christmas present). Everyone fun. But what was even better was when Santa walked into our car and everyone screamed with excitement. I mean, I kind of thought Elvis had just entered the building, but turned to see it was just Santa. Well, not just Santa, but you know... Santa!

Santa made his rounds and we returned to the station after singing Christmas Carols with the Elves on our car. It was awesome, though the ride was about 10 minutes too long with a wild 1 and a half year old who kept running all over the place. In all seriousness, this was probably one of my favorite moments with my kids, all the joy, all the excitement, and all the child-like-wonder was so fun to be a part of. This moment will be etched eternally in my mind as a moment of complete innocence and excitement with my kids.

I'm going to bed now, and I do have to admit, I feel like the coolest Mom, I mean I just took my children to the NORTH POLE! (and in their minds, I really did) Thanks for a fun night Nana and Papa!

**and again, more pictures on facebook, this is going to slow lately**

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Hannah said...

SO FUN. I'm happy I could be there too! Had fun with you this weekend. Can you hardly wait for COOKIE BAKE!!??