Monday, November 9, 2009

Noah Counting and Sorting

Noah is so funny these days. I think I talked about him and his collections before and his preschool conference? Well we've kept up the same things around here. He's taken every stuffed animal in the house and put them ALL in his bed. Then we tried to "play house" together and play with the animals, but all they would do was throw them all over the place and fight with them. We did manage a few minutes of playing dogs, but they just kept eating eachother. I guess that's boys.

So tonight we walked in on Noah sleeping in his tent with most of his trains all lined up. They were all sorted in different ways, it was kind of fun to see. He had all the metal trains together, the ones with tenders together, the ones with two parts that matched next to eachother, etc. It was interesting to see his thought process.

Here's a video of him counting his Thomas trains...he has way too many!

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