Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Outta Here!

I'm leaving town for a scrapbooking weekend, I'm so excited! Yes, I do love dealing with this little monkey...but I'm excited for my "time off" too:) I've had this trip scheduled with my mom and a friend and her mom for several months, but then we scheduled Hawaii too, so I basically have a two week vacation starting now! I was starting to feel a little guilty, but then a friend reminded me how much I give of myself all the time, and how little I reward myself, so here comes the ultimate reward:) I hope it's a productive weekend, though I will miss these guys, and one big guy too.

Ok, that picture cracks me up because Jakey has started pulling up the bottom of his pack and play and sitting in the bottom, I'm really not sure why. Well he fell asleep last night like this...

I'll post up pictures of all my finished albums (wishful thinking?) when I get home!

1 comment:

nate and anne said...

hahaha! you told me about the sleeping pose...but its a lot funnier in picture :) have a nice relaxing weekend, you deserve it!