Monday, July 6, 2009

You Choose...

Tonight we were driving home in the car from some friend's house and Noah wanted a fruit snack we had just bought at the store. He had just had a cookie, so I said no! (I know, I'm a mean mom, but I'm ok with that) So after whining and being ignored, he regrouped and said very calmly, "Ok. You choose. I can have one in the car or when I get home. You choose." What am I supposed to do with that?!? So I chose in the car...after I busted up laughing! haha.

I do need to give you a little background that today during my little "spa day," my reward after my race, I was reading my love and logic parenting book which reminded me of what I should be doing and saying to the boys. One of the "key" things is giving two choices that are both ok with you and get accomplished the way you want. For example, "Would you like to walk to your time-out chair or would you like to be carried." This one was used today, and he didn't choose, so was carried. :) Anyways, so after a day of lots of choices, he has already caught on and is training me aparently! Can't wait 'til all the funny moments we will have as the boys are growing up!

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nate and anne said...

thats hilarious Nadia! What a cute little man, he's learning the rules fast! :) We will definitely be calling you a ton when we eventually have kids and need some advice!