Sunday, July 5, 2009

Close to the Heart of God

Today are AWESOME church ( had service outside at Happy Valley Park, where our big 4th of July celebration takes place in the community, and our church plays a big part in making it happen! After yesterday and just having a really long day, I almost opted out for just staying home and laying in bed. But, I pried myself out of bed, with Andrew's help gave the boys baths and headed out the door, just me and the boys (Andrew has to work now at 11 on Sundays, and their wasn't a Saturday service this week). This was another reason I didn't want to go, was sitting for two hours in the sun with two busy boys, by myself didn't sound like fun. **correction** Noah is fine, he's 3, but Jacob is 15 months and all over the place...he wears me out!

After arriving, we ended up sitting by an awesome couple from our life group who saved me by helping out so much with the boys. The concert was going on, and the boys were dancing to the was cute. I pulled out reinforcements (blueberries, trail mix bars, and goldfish) and the boys stayed on or near the blanket a little longer. Then the church service started and boy, did it rock. The music was awesome, the crowd was huge and so into it. It was so neat to see everyone from all the different service types, campuses, and times all together in one place. All different kinds of people from all over the area! I switched off holding one of the boys and worshiping, and my friend helped out with the other boy:) So helpful!

Noah kept asking if we were going to sing Hosanna (his favorite worship song from our Hillsong cd in the car). I told him I didn't know but maybe...then, of course, we sang it! Well, he lifted his little hands up as high as he could reach (what he saw other people doing), and danced and sang his little heart out! It gave me goose bumps to watch him praise our God, and even at 3, I could just see how close he was to the heart of God. After that song, he was really into worshiping on his own for the rest of the songs.

Then Pastor George came on in swimsuit and t-shirt (just another reason I love our church) and talked about ear pircing and buts...not butts:) (our theme is "Don't let your 'but' get in the way") That's about all I managed to hear (sorry, George) because then I was chasing kids all around and making bathroom trips, but as soon as the music and baptisms began, my kids were right back into it again...there's something about music that speaks to all of us. I was so glad that I came, just for that special moment.

So even though my kids might wear me out on a daily basis, it's moments like those that remind me just why it is that we do what we do. Thanks Abundent Life...for bringing us all together and closer to the Heart of God!

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